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They ripped off my son for almost 400.00, They won't return his calls and when I called for him they hung up on me as soon as I mentioned a refund.He almost screamed at me....THERE ARE NO REFUNDS...yet on their website they advertise that the 3 years program is free ?????

People like this need to be stopped.

My son is young and out on his own, he works super hard to get every dime he earns unlike these people who steal it from innocent hard working and trusing people.Something has to be done, if anything at least put the word out to anyone and everyone


Los Angeles, California, United States #638447

very rude and condescending people that don't really know much about how showbiz really works at all /appears to some kind of scam but don't know much about them

Hollywood Auditions Previous Employee

San Francisco, California 9 comments
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Here's the bottom line...I used to work for them and yes, very shady things go on inside the walls of that establishment.In my time working there I realized that the whole company is a drug front.

The President Mike Riley and supervisor Kurt Taylor are the ones in charge of it all (who are both always very loaded on the job). Countless times did i see strange characters walk into the office straight past the receptionist into mikes office get what they needed and as their walking out kurt says "he took care of you?" Anyways, why do you guys get mad at the employees or so called "talent reps"? When interviewed and hired we are all told, your going to make more money than any other job, your going to have an important position in the entertainment industry. Hello sign me up right?

NO! your put in an office cubical with a p.o.s. phone number and given a script telling you exactly what to say. Once they have you set up at a desk Kurt says "stick to the script, it will get you the cards" (credit card numbers).

as he goes back into his office and takes calls all day from people who want their money back. Look I needed to pay my bills I needed to provide for my family, all this stuff about company legitimacy started to unfold slowly (and then I quit). But what you people need to realize is that NOBODY, NOBODY, NOBODY who works there goes by their real name. Blast these people all you want online in these blogs but good luck finding them, its not their real name.

and really all it is at the end of the day is blog chatter nothing is going to happen to them. See the reason they have been in bu business for ten or twelve years or whatever the *** is because of two things...1. all you guys do is blog about it on these scam and ripoff sites, DO SOMETHING MORE ABOUT IT AND SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN!! Nothing is going to happen to them because of one or a thousand scam reports.

and they go on the scam blog reports anyways and write *** testimonials backing up the company! 2. They are smarter than you, when you get a phone call from them they say very technical words that walk a gray line such as...were a talent marketing firm, we are your talent rep, membership, help you as much as i can. The people who are excited to give over their credit card number thinking there being promised overnight celebrity status this is what they heard...were a full service agency, we want to be your agent, we will make you a celebrity overnight!.

get the picture???? once the no sleep stage high wears off on these people and they realize "oh *** i just gave away nearly 400 bucks to people i don't know wait Ima call them back and get that money i made a boo boo.

well they wont return my money cause its a "membership" boohoo ima write a scam report.sorry sweetie that's not getting your money back nor will it affect the company, they get a quarter million hits on their website a month, its on to the next "client" Do what you want with this you guys eat it up got plenty of more info just ask cant post big stuff though because people, WOULD GO TO JAIL and another thing as much as you hate the company, dont hate the employees , they get reated and are left in the dark just like the clients!!!


Los Angeles, California, United States #718462

The last person who worked for HA (and I know who you are) was probably one of the most lazy, unmotivated, employees to exist in our office.The fact that you were inadequate at your job is no reason to claim falsehoods that are asinine: such as that there is a "drug ring" going on!

How pathetic you are. It is laughable. If you know ANYTHING about business, why would the president of the company have to explain to you his business transactions? .

When I see this myriad of false information, it makes me irate. You have written a complete and utter lies and deserved to be sued for slander.

I have been with the company for three years, and am successful.What was your problem???


I ain't so lucky

An' ain't so wise

Them mofos had me

Hip no tize

I went 2 tha room

An' sign tha line

Paid my cash

An' now I whine

Shooda tooka page

From Weird Al:

"The check's in the mail...no really."


I got a call from a guy named banks from hollywood auditions so the whole thing is a scam cause I might sign on with them


so i got a voice message from a ryan owens at hollywood auditions.he stated they are looking for serious people only and if im not serious, do not call them back.

so i called and left a voice message. the next day, ryan owens called back and started talking about resume, head shots, Disney etc. then he asked for the 387 dollars. i told him i have never applied at hollywood auditions before.

he stated he was told to contact me because they got my number from a different site. so i told him that i will get back to him when i can. he was really nice to me..

of course thank god i didnt give him my credit card number...i regret giving him my birthday though.


What do we do to file an official complaint? These guys need to be taken down!

to Aint no fool! #803647

No.You need to realize that your lazy *** does not get everything for free.

I am going to stay anonymous as I have been a client with them 6 years and see the *** that walk in and out and then want something for free. I did my training as they suggested, went to my auditions, and am now doing quite well as a SAG artist. Not EVERYONE possesses the talent to be an actress or a model. They give you ALL the tools you need to succeed.

But you people are so lazy that you just want everything done for you.

Sorry, it doesn't work that way.Get your *** out there and memorize a monologue and go to an audition already!


if they dont take down my photos, they are going to court, my lawyer may need your information in order to contact them

to angry #718464

You are all self- entitled and have NO clue how the industry works.You believe you shouldn't have to pay to invest in your career, expect their employees to be at your beckon call, and are simply lazy.

All of your ignorance is astounding. Instead of taking the directions dictated to assist you, you chose to ignore. Then, when nothing is submitted on your end, as necessary you claim you wan a refund. Yes, he ignorant "customers" should give the employees at HA a refund for wasting their time.

@ Angry: if you follow the directions that are layer out in black and white, the only person to blame is yourself. Court? Please, they will laugh at you. That company deals with thieves all the time.

I have been with HA for years and have booked A GREAT AMOUNT of work because I LISTENED. Due to your negative attitudes it's a good thing Michael didn't waste his time.

I give him Kudos for always putting me in the right direction and helping me grow!You are the best.....and deserve credit where credit is due.

to TheTruth Burbank, California, United States #803648

I know who "The Truth" is and he is actually now very famous. We appreciate your support!

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Hollywood Auditions - Oh Boy.. Don't get me started on these guys!

Granada Hills, California 1 comment

Well..i called in 2 months ago to get more info..

I was just about to give Bill Cambell my credit card and something inside said wait. Well I read the reviews here and understood why. I got a call three weeks ago again from Bill Cambell. Stupidly I ended giving him my credit card.

He told me to trust him. Four days later he called and told me about an audition he submitted for me. I was thinking yeah right. I received a call the next day for the audition.

It was an MTV reality show. I got along great with the casting director. They called me back yesturday.. I got the part!!!

$23,000 for the first 6 episodes!!! I am so excited it's my first speaking role. These guys are the real Deal. He told me they don't get you the work but they give us the oppurtunity.

He's right. It's up to us. When we don't get work we have to blame someone right? I Love you guys.

If you are reading this..Thanks Bill!

I'm sorry for doubting.I just need to believe in myself!

Review about: Bill Cambell.



I work at this company and even I know we scam people. We just want your money. It's a fraudulent and illegal company.

Hollywood auditions is a scam

Norfolk, Virginia 94 comments

I signed a contract for Hollywood auditions.They called a few hours later,They said go to our website if you have any questions.So I did it turns out they get your resume and don't do anything.I was so mad.Here's a hint only go to snail mail audition or have an agent or manager to help you.On the cruel

audition world.Like John Casablanca's that the greatest of all.I went there for seven weeks for modeling. Always be c-a-r-e-f-u-l when on websites about auditions.!!!PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PARAGRAPH.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #783123

It is a total scam!They don't answer the phone and they won't take down pictures of me that are 7 years old.

I can't stand people that do this stuff.Does anyone know how to get my pics off of google that keep coming up from Hollywood auditions??

Please help!

to Dave Boston, Massachusetts, United States #803653

Do you know the definition of the word "scam,?" You gave them your money and they provided you with a legitimate service. I know who you are. Just because you were not successful at acting and a failure does not mean that company is a "scam."


So how do you get to the Agencies that don't charge unless you get paid because I have been trying to get into acting for years :upset


Hollywood Auditions is not a scam.It is lazy people like you who want everything for free and think that someone will discover you in a mall that ruin a reputation of a good company.

You all know nothing about the industry. I have had a huge success rate with the company because I LISTENED to what they had to say and followed direction. The rest of you simply sit on your *** and expect to be famous. That's not how the industry works.

What you put in you get out. Hollywood Auditions is the #1 casting service in North America. How do you think it got that way?

By providing the service it promises.By all of your negative attitudes, nobody would work with you anyway.

to Lucy G #739057

Thats pretty funny.They are a scam.

They never even set up an audition with me. All they did was email me. Then they ask for money before they sign me? Its a scam.

If it was real then they would sign me first then make me pay. So no one should give them money.

Look up ways to tell if the company is fake!It states almost everything that this company has done.

to FAKE360 Boston, Massachusetts, United States #803656

You are dumber than a rock.You receive auditions every week that YOU need to submit for because you are not qualified enough to get an agency.

What is wrong with idiots like you! Just because you pay a measly $300 you expect to be famous?

You have no talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is not their fault.

to Lucy G Los Angeles, California, United States #750373


You're wrong. Agencies DO NOT ask for money upfront, if they do it's a scam. If agencies really needed money to "put" stuff together then they will find you a job and take from that, they WILL NOT take money upfront or even ask for if they are legitimate. Oh and by the way, all of us are not f***ing negative, get it right and go head and waste your money on a casting service that dont guarantee you S***!

You do not know what you're talking about. stop lying to people to get them to waste money.

okay :grin byeee lol i just cant get over how you actually believe your self about that and you believed yourself so much that you criticized people you dont even know!wow, what a great person you are!

Lansing, Illinois, United States #714376

They are a complete scam! Don't give them any money! Please guys don't do it :(

Miami, Florida, United States #677595

Hollywood auditions is a scam and they refuse to remove my pictures from their website! I have asked on multiple occasions. They just keep all of these inactive profiles of people up to try and show that all those people are clients of theirs when in fact we all just got stuck on their website.

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #662876

I was contacted today about having my son sign up and that they only had 1 spot in our area left and i needed to do it today.one yr for $199 or three years for $389.

I told Jason 805-991-6440 that I would have to review the information and get back with him.

After reading all these scam messages, I will not be calling back.Thanks for the web.


I was a HollywoodAuditions.Com victim in 2002. I don't live in America, but I had high hopes of getting auditions for Warner Brothers films. I was young (12) and I was ambitious, so I stumbled upon this site and read every single detail. I didn't know much about Talent agencies, but this site had everything. I got my photos taken at a local studio, and prepared my CV, and was able to convince my parents to pay $75 (yeah dunno when you guys applied here, but in 2002 it was only $75) for a joining fee using my mum's credit card.

After many attempts to call and follow up, my mum finally told me that this is most likely a scam. She literally fought for a refund, and said that she'll sue the company if they don't give our money back. The guy was saying we're not being professional, and my mum argued with him. Finally, we got our refund back.

It's now 2013, and I decided to look again at the website. It looks exacrtly the same as it was in 2002, and they're still able to scam people. The only difference between 2002 and 2013 is that people are smarter now. There are sites where we can post reviews, and we can easily do research about these companies.


listen guys take it from ME

If anyone comes at you with a biz prop that you have to pay

run the other way!

they say there free not like LA casting or Actors access (by the way are legit

they got snotty with me when I said you have no idea who your talking to do you and how did you get my number

dudes and dudettes IF ANY TYPE OF AGENT OR MANAGER OR whatever comes at you with you have to pay to play

tell em your going to *** on there rug !! that will shut em up 8)

San Francisco, California, United States #624796

Hollywood Auditions is a COMPLETE SCAM.

My brother submitted a YouTube video of me and they called me a couple days later. He asked me if I was serious about this processes and told me there are only two slots left and he needs to fill them. He tried to conversant about the city I live in and he said that he was looking at real estate in my area (VBS :zzz). Anyway, within 5 minutes he asked for me to pay with a credit card. I said I did not have one. He got nasty after that and said, "Well how do you pay bills. How do you expect to get big?" First off, I do have a card and I pay bills with cash. Second off, WHY THE *** would I pay him $389? He then asked if my parents could pay. I said, "Maybe" so he said he needs it within 24 hours. He keeps calling back (Never told me his name) and I just keep avoiding the calls. Clearly this is fake. NOT LEGIT.

DON'T FALL FOR IT! Best free idea to help you get "Self Famous" is YouTube and major in film or acting in college. Again, ANYONE WHO ASKS FOR MONEY (Especially without even seeing you) IS FAKE!!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM :(


I filled out a form online and three days later I got a call from Eric (i think), asking for my parents.I'm 13, and would love to be in commercials and be an extra and things like that, so i was sooo excited.

When my mom called the guy back, he said it was over $300 to do business with them (!!!).

Then, he layed down all this *** about "I only have three spots left, and I need to fill them THIS WEEKEND!".Very dissappointed :sigh

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada #596200

I pursued this acting career as a "just in case" plan if no university accepted me for my passion, biology.First I found HollywoodAuditions and I thought it would be a cool idea.

I did the business stuff (and got my dad to pay a lot of money for the contract and photos). Then a week later, they recomended me to Showcase Worldwide Inc. From audition to showcase in Montreal, my dad funded my little venture and it costed him over $2,000. He works very hard at our granite shop.

I got into a university and quickly abandoned my acting dream, however, now that I see it is a scam, I feel I have disgraced my family, especially my dad. He is forgiving and just glad that I got into university, but I hope those people get sued and we could redeem our money.

If someone could just take them down then that would be alright too.(they kept giving me offers by email which, surprise surprise, cost hundreds of dollars)

to Zoki Beverly Hills, California, United States #704158

I'm sorry , but no reputable agency ask for money. They get a

percentage on what you make if they find you a job.

Hollywood is full of similar scams. Never pay before.

Good Luck

Rossana Scalisi

Beverly Hills Ca.


I received a call from someone named Bob as well.....I'm glad I read the reviews....

to Rachel Boynton Beach, Florida, United States #663966

Don't believe the happy ones reason being its probably someone who works there protecting the company ... Lets think if this company was really legit why would sooooooooooo many people complain so many bad reviews don't waste your money I'm not I'm glad I read it first!


I was looking for audition sites and found this website Hollywood auditions.I wanted to know more about it so I went here.

I don't know what to believe since some of the people say it awesome and some are just angery please can anyone tell me?:sigh


Glad I read these....I have an audition with them tomorrow. Oh well, I can use it as a mock audition. No more nerves :) To those who've paid....Anyone who asks for money in this business, instead of paying you, is scamming you.


Wow!Any company that has to get this defensive over so called allegations and speak this aggressively to potential and/or exsisting clients should definitely be considered suspicious.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

You can only prey on people's inexperience of the industry for so long till karma eventually catches up with you.Good riddance to the entire staff and shady operation known as HOLLYWOODAUDITIONS.COM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so glad I got on here and read the reviews because they just called me about my son and daughter said they will give me a 2 for 1 @ $389 why do people feel the need to scamSMH Im in Atlanta if its ment for my children to do things the Lord will make it happen without costing me my life savings..I was told to write the BBB about this company..

Im sorry for the ones that paid them.:sigh


I signed up in 2010 and i have landed two roles with their help ! Its not gonna make u famous overnight...its NOT a scam.. i would do it again



I filled out a form on the website and right away the next day they gave me a call. I called back and a guy named Erick Turner answered. Anyone heard of him? Anyway he told me the info and what he can do so I sent him a song I wrote and he said he would get back to me. Almost a week later he called me and my mom, he explained the payments, photos, and demo. He said as soon as I have the first payment call him. I havent payed him yet, but is this really a scam? Should I look for a different real agency? Does anyone know of any good real websites or places near or in Eugene, Oregon? Please let me know.




wow i just contacted them today and gave them my credit card number to process tormorrow.they said all the same *** that every other complaint here says.

wanted to get my daughter signed up for auditions....i will do my reasearch next time!cancelling my card asap praying they didnt already take the money.


:( i signed up at hollywood audition for my daughter payd the money she took her pictures and i havent heard nor seen anything from them..what can and should i do..


Yes, they got me too.My son was so excited, they suckered him into getting me to let them hold my credit card # until my son sent them the money.

Yes, they charged my credit card. I had them reported to the fraud department and had my card canceled before they could get the 2nd payment. I wish I could see that lying fake Corey Banks. I would take care of him by myself Dirty Dogs, that alright you got 149.00 out of me, but God don't like it when you mess with a child of his.

You and are your demon partners will get your. When it happen don't say what's going on. Devil & his agents that's what you are.

I got something for you.Just hold on.


Im glad i look them up was going to meet James this Saturday for my son. i really didn't feel rig abou it

thanks Gt


i was looking at the reviews because i want to become an actress but oh well because every audition online is fake or a scam . And my state is so lame because they barely have auditions, only the like one time on the radio and on tv but i always got my phone when the announcement was gone . To the people that make scams and fake websites , kiss my *** :cry !


I think we need to all get together and put a a stop to these thief's.They wanted to know if I paid.Well read this James you are a thief.I am a actor but I can find a real agent that will get me work there and everyone I am from Pennsylvania. 45 minutes from Pittsburgh. Lets team up.


I have received several calls from a Guy names James.He told me the same stuff.He said. He was emailing the stuff to fill out.B.ut if I wasn't serious then don't do so.He also told me I had a voice for voice-over.He asked my age and where I lived in my area they are filming 4movies.He said the same.$389and I could make payments. Now he isn't due back for 2days the person called him said he was sending a email for me to fill stuff out.Anyhow can't wait till he calls back.He will be told and we have another exploretalent ripping you off.Time to call the attorney generals office.?


I was also ripped off by this company.They took my pictures and my son's pictures, took my money and never heard from them again.

Guess there's a sucker born every minute.And a thief born every second!


I find it kind of ironic when you talk about Hollywood auditions being a scam the talk about how great John Casablancas is.I won't say anything about Hollywood auditions because I'm researching them right now, that's why I read this.

but John casablancas is NOT the besst. they are far moere of a scam than this is by far. I'll tell you that much. what's $389 in comparison to around $2,000 for classes that will teach you exactly what you can learn on your ow, and should already know if you're trying to get into the modeling world.

You can look that up on the internet for free rather than pay $2,000 for it.Jus sayin.


My name is Belinda Adams I'm from Pascagoula,MS.And I paid my money to Bill Kimble (389)He told me my money was good for 3yrs.Anyway I am so mad @ myself for falling for this sham.I kept trying to go to his web site and I never got anything back.Somebody need to stop these people IMMEDIATE my email is belindaadams428@yahoo.com


I just did the *** thing recieved a call from dale winberg.Told me id have to pay 389 or 3 payments of 149 Well my cards cancled and im signing the fraud form tomarrow.

This is something that needs to stop.

Before someone else gets really ruined.Dont mess with a Drag Queen honey.

to Divauna #727360

How is it fraud when you were provided with a service on your end, but were too lazy to complete it. That is called STEALING, honey!!! so typical...just another person wanting something for free.


This sounds like a complete scam.I do want to let everyone know that agents and managers do not pay for your headshots.

They may have 20 yrs ago but not anymore. If it is a legit agent they may recommend a photographer that they like and their clients get a discount but you can go wherever you want. They may also advise you to take an improv or scene study class. It is out of your own pocket.

Not because they are making money from it but because there is a lot of competition out there and they want you to be well trained.God luck everyone.


i got a call from then on thur and from some guy banks and then on friday i got another call from david lewis about my daughter ,so i talk to a friend of mine who is A professional modeling and he told my if anyone wants you they should pay you for your work not ask you for your payment up front so it told David Lewis this and he said treat it as a business ,if you are going into business you need to pay for your insurance before you go into business .I told him am very skeptical about this he said ok well if your not pleased with paying 389 you can just pay 149 its just 3 easy payment and if you make the first payment and then your pleased you can pay the rest in the next month .I told him i dont have any credit card he said he will call me back on monday and if i dont pay by monday then i will go at the back of the list .thats not all after we got off the phone 3 more persons called me then i say you know what this is a scam


SCAM and they have my pictures posted, when I called to have them remove those they hung up, DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE A DOLLAR!! SCAM :(


I had a girl named Khalia Renee call me about my Hand Modeling email i sent to them about 3 days ago.we talked on the phone for aproximatly 20 minuits and at firt she asked me about my basic information, hair colour, eye color, weight, ect.

and she told me about the program and the photos i needed to get done. (1 head shot, 4 body shot) and i also needed a resume. then she started bringing up the apparent "costs" in order for them to sign me up for modeling auditions. $389 she wanted for that.

That is a SCAM. no modeling agency will ask you to pay upfront. She also wanted my drivers licence and mastercard #. NO WAY LADY.

if an agency is really interested in your carreer or modeling, HE OR SHE will pay for everything. when your career moves on and you start getting payed, you'll have to pay them back. that is normal. they only make MONEY when you make MONEY.

Hope this helped.:)


I receive a call from Damion Lewis, with a short interview , the tell me that have opportunities but i need to pay 3 charges of $149.00 .I tell to Damion that call me friday (tomorrow) ..

this is not really? is a scam?

why not take action in lawsuit to close this agency or page.??

Anywone write me about this to my email moisesnieves7@gmail.com ...highest possible


Absolutely a scam- I received a call from them from a man who actually didn't even tell me his name?He asked basic, legitimate questions about resume stuff and gave a little short shpiel about the 'program' He kept mentioning names of places like 'Nick, Disney, Fox, NBC, etc.' which is what first sent up the red flag (John Robert Powers and J Casablanca do the same stuff).

Then out of nowhere he's like "Okay so what will you be paying with for this, what card, what's the number, etc" and I asked where I could get more information before signing up for this, and he gave me a whole song-and-dance about how 'oh we have limited positions if you're serious about this you should take the opportunity this is a very fast paced industry" etc. and seemed very avoidant and defensive.

At that point I was positive and just simply said "thank you for your time, but I do not feel comfortable giving out my payment information over the phone especially with so little information."

Bottom line, never ever give out payment information to anybody, and ALWAYS as an artist OR parent of an artist be VERY VERY WARY when 'companies' like this offer up these 'become a star quick/too-good-to-be-true' type programs.It really upsets me though that some people really fall for this stuff and pay money not knowing or doing their research and they get ripped off.


I got a call from a guy name Bob.Now he must of thought I was pretty dumb because he was telling me "oh a lot of people love how we help them." So I asked questions of my own.

I ask him how come I can't hear any other phones going off. He came up with a excuse like "oh the phones are off." That's when I came up with a question that made him hang up on me. I asked "so when can we set up a meeting or conference because me and my mom don't send any type of money or information to anybody unless we meet who we were handling all the business with." he told me he rather talk privet on the phone.

So I asked him if this was a scam and soon after that he hung up on me.So if you ever get a call from a company ask for a meeting and if still not comfortable get backround info on them.


I got a call from them about an hour ago and I spoke with Art Jauregui he told me about the company and how they only charge $3.89 for a whole year(YES he said $3.89 not $389 and how they're not like other agencies who charge hundreds of dollars)and stuff and how they need sample pics from me so they can start my online portfolio.He also said they will notify me of auditions and stuff on the website.What raised a red flag for me was when he said he'd email me the contract and I would sign it and FAX it back to him,that just didn't seem right to me.When he asked me for my credit card number for the payment I told him I'd call him when my mom got off work with it and he said ok bye and abruptly hung up.I'm not gonna go with them now because that showed me that they're all about money and don't really care about the clients


Thanks for your advice a guy from their just called me sad how much it was for it and I.Told him I would get back to him on a latter date with my answer so.

Went online to see if it was a scam and everything I read so far told me it is.Thanks u really saved me lots of money my story is the same as ur guys bob called me lol


:grin Thank you so much for your advice..BIll kimble just called me good thing me and my husband never make a purchase over 100 dollars without talking to the other one first..i smelled scam and looked them up..man they can play on peoples dreams and crush them..


i JUST recieved a call and i was all for it, but I wasn't giving my credit card info out on the phone. He's to call me back friday, looks like i'm not going to answer! Thank you guys so much!


Omg I had a feeling this Hollywood auditions thing was a complete scam. Thanks for the warning!


Thank you all so much for telling your stories about ur experiences with hollywood auditions ..thank goodness i checked the web before i agreed to anything!..i was just about to call bill kimble to give him my money!


I had a guy name Kurt Taylor call me today give me the absoloute run around.When I called it took me 6 days to just get and answer I left all my contact information and he kept getting rude with me telling me he wasnt going to listen to my bs either I listened to him or nothing was going to get done when i asked him for the name of the business they operated under he hung up on me.

I called again he insulted me I am a Iraq veteran and he called me a little boy and to stop calling.I am filing a class action lawsuit against the company I am filing the claim monday morning at 9 am anyone whos interested feel free to email me at

Edwardjoey69@gmail.com I need all the witness's I can assertain Lets bring these MOTHERS down


I talked to a guys named Marvin Sanders and he told me that they've choose me to become an actress and try out.He says many other people have tried this and loved it.

He told me that there was a 1 time fee for $149.00 so i was like ok 1 time fee so i did it and then next month he charged me again i told my bank about the fraud because i tried to call him back and he wont answer the phone now.

Advice to people who wants to act do not trust this site its a major scam.So now hopefully my bank will figure out this situation so i can get my money back.


Well I just got off the phone with a lady name Gina.I didn't give them any money but this is how I know it was a scam, a guy called me yesterday and a woman called me today saying that she had talked to me yesterday.

She also asked me for 389 or 149 in 3 payments. I told her I didn't have it. She told me when I ever I get it to call her back.

She said the 149 will get me started.My sister told me to check and see was it a scam and than God I did.


The stories from above sound just like the same one I heard just a little bit ago.My son was interested and this woman by the name nicole had called him back.

My son is 12, she told me that I had to pay $389, then said I could pay $149.00 for 3 months. Now if its $389, by paying 149.00 for 3 months equals $447.00. That is well over $389.00. I had agreed and she got my card # and DL #.

They processed it immediately. Then later on, a guy had called my son with the same kind of story from the same agency. My son told him that nicole had already called. Now if he was in the system and had a profile, how come someone else is calling him.

I then felt I should look it up, and sure enough I saw nothing but scam complaints with the same type of story. My son then called nicole, and he asked her if it was a scam. She was hesitant and then changed the subject. He then called the guy back and asked him the same question.

He hung up on him. Then the guy blocked my son's number so he couldn't call back. We called nicole back on a different number to have them stop the transaction and a guy said she had already left. Which we just talked to her a couple of minutes prior.

I had called and had my card cancelled and put in a report. This is a scam.

DON'T DO IT!!!!:(


I know why john Roberts is protecting them..because john Roberts is the same as john Robert powers and tats an acting school..

which is also a scam.. he took 149$ from me but i had extra money in there.. i told him to take ONLY 149 so i can pay the monthly payments for 3 months and when i found tht out i didn't wanna rish anything so i canceled my card and ordered a new one..

he hasn't called me sence.what a retard, idk why they keep going they shud go behind bars.


I was called also.Same story by a guy named Bob Fowler.

Gave me his number and email address. 3 spots left for my age group, $389 up front.

Notice that comment 17 by Dear Mary and comment 19 by John Roberts are exactly the same and they are defending Hollywood Auditions!!!Heads up people, scam incoming!!!


Hello i was going to join but from the reviews i think im not going to join................. :upset


I received a call from Bob $b$ was told the exact same thing. I figured it was a scam which is why I looked this up.


Do you konow a real angency that can help me become an actress???


i got a man named bob fowler, and it seemed legit... i don't think it's a scam bc he said i can't gaurentee anything, i mean maybe some people just don't want you for parts, + they have been in business for 14 years. but in case id like to know of some sites of industries that people know of that is no scam?


its not a scam to a certain extent bc i know from experience with working with a company like this. when i was in jr. high i was approach by a woman from john robert powers. long story short it cost my mom 5000 for a 5yr contract with them and that only included classes that they offer. i attended the beverly hills location. after 2 1/2 yrs of me taking classes and all these photos i gained NOTHING. they had

"auditions" but no one was ever chosen, weird dont you think. all it did was cause debt for my family. the rich get richer and the poor stays poor.

dont sign with them, it definitely sounds like a company that makes you pay all this money and expect you to do everything including booking your headshots, etc.

a real talent agency would choose you for your talent as a model or actor and bc they want you to represent their company they would pay for you.

do some research on your favorite actors, either they get lucky and get discovered as models and become actors or like all amazing actors, they went to acting school and got discover doing theater.

take it or leave it, obviously i learned from my experiences and wouldnt want anyone else to blow 5000 or even just "389" on a company that will take you nowhere.


I got a call a couple hour ago by a agent named Jack, and he said that he wants 1 head shot 4 body shots, and that my resume will be sent to nicklodeon disney etc, and also said that I need to pay $400 and that they have been in the buisness for 14 years so I dont know is this scam or not?


This is definitely a scam.First off if someone who is legitimate is going to charge you it would not be that much up front unless there is some guarantee.

They told me the same bull *** about 3 spots left. They hound you over and over and over until you pay but now I hear nothing. It has been close to a year and nothing at all. They do not even call and when I call they continue to hang up on me.

The last guy must think himself to be some type of comedian because he tried an old school trick. He said hey okay what is your experience take this number I know where it is going so I tell him I am already a member trying to understand why I cannot get into my profile and see it up. Also I have heard nothing and paid full price money that could have gone towards classes. When he hears this he says oh OK well call this number and dial zero are you ready *click* he hangs up on me again!

It really is aggravating , but I take it as a lesson learned and I wish scam artists like this would just get a real job ugh! Oh and please do not call me lazy because I did submit myself and they never sent me the cd tried to correct my portfolio or anything.

I do believe the only people who are commenting it is not a scam are either a part of their team or have yet to realize they are being scammed.If I am wrong congratulations apparently millions of us were scammed for them to afford your success!




hahahaha......john roberts ur the only one who seems to think otherwise...but all of u r rite


They told me I had to give them $389 up front.***.

They there were only 3 spots left. They wanted 2 headshots and 4 body. Sounds like 80% of people on here and I'm sure that the people talking for the company work for the company as the scam artist. *** and biggest scam ever!

The girl that called me was Patricia Davis. She hung up on me after I had told her that another company had called me earlier and I looked them up and they were a scam and that I was making sure that Hollywood Auditions wasn't a scam. Then when I called her back she said she hung up because that I was bombarding her with many questions like some kind of cop when I was just curious to know where my $400 dollars were going.

She then proceeded to tell that I wasn't Julia Roberts blah blah..hmmm SCAM or what?YES


I also was told that only 3 spots were left and that the price 389 is for the particular age group. Everyone mentions the same price so there must be only one age group after all and those 3 spots stretch quite a bit.


i called and i got jake cassidy , he didnt tell me anything about the money he just gave me his email adress and talked to my mom and dad


I just did part and kept doings so til I landed an audition and my portfolio is more than great and I keep updating to appeal to the producers as they tell you.


I am a happy client because they do not Charge much, It last for 3 YEARS, They did everything they said they was on the phone as well as on their web-site, they do not take my money whenever I land a job and I they do not BIND ME by ANY CONTRACTS and they are not agents they are talent reps. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!


the guy that called me was happy to let me wait cause i told him i was a college kid paying $3000 a semester which is true.he said call him anytime i wanted and gave me his number.

not sure if this is a scam or not but im about to find out. i sent an email saying that i would give them the wages up to $400 from my first job and 10% from the next couple jobs if they would do the work BEFORE i paid.

we will see but i hope its not.i have a good feeling about where acting will take me.


guys help me out.. i really want to be an actor and im sure this is a scam but please list the facts, like prove to me this is a scam the guys name was henry somethying and he only had 3 spots left ?


Like i said its not a scam

This is not a scam you people are just ***, and they're not going to make you famous you have to sell your self to the auditions they supply weekly to you and a portfolio cost a lot more then $389 and your not going to get on nickelodeon they work with companies like DreamWorks fox etc. because they put auditions info on HA data base so just because you think its a scam witch its not

they give you access to a data base of legit auditions nation wide so don’t go judging books by the cover they’ve been in business for over 14yrs so just stop talking *** about companies you’ll never get famous over night nor with any exp ..so they try to help people get exp and expose SO GROW UP!


Well i just got a call Hollywood Auditions and they wanted $389 now.They said i need to make a decision quick because there are only 3 spots left..

Sounds like a few others on here. They wanted 2 headshots and 4 body.

You should never have to pay upfront.SCAM!!!Oh and this guys name was Henry Ramer


This is not a scam you people are just ***, and they're not going to make you famous you have to sell your self to the auditions they supply weekly to you and a portfolio cost a lot more then $389 and your not going to get on nickelodeon they work with companies like DreamWorks fox etc. because they put auditions info on HA data base so just because you think its a scam witch its not

they give you access to a data base of legit auditions nation wide so don’t go judging books by the cover they’ve been in business for over 14yrs so just stop talking *** about companies you’ll never get famous over night nor with any exp ..so they try to help people get exp and expose SO GROW UP!


Jeesh I'm glad I search up here first!Hollywood Auditions called me and said I would have to pay $389 as well and It covers for three years.

Or pay $149 for 3 months (adds up to $447 smh)which will also cover for three years.

I didn't hear the name but called back and he said Zach Roberts!smh


they jus called me today n i was about to pay them bt i am so happy i didnt after reading these comments.. The guy was so mad when i said i wasnt paying upfront and said there were only 3 spots left. Right after he said that i knew something was wrong


Dont believe it.. I heard from a person in the biz and she said if they ask for money up front its a scam....


For those of you who say you got parts.Do you actually have proof, pics, video or you just blowing smoke out your as$es?

Its a scam unless i actually see proof. Why are they so INSISTANt? Hmm DUh they want your money, and they target the *** n desperate. I keep gettin calls even after i say im hesistant why?

You dont know what i look like, why are u so intrested?Pple dont fall for *** *** like this, invest that mobey in travel for audtions not ScAMS!!


the only way to know it is a scam is that you never ever ever pay up front if they ask that it is a scam


this morning i had breakfast with sean and charles we discussed our lunch plans with brad pitt and dinner arrangements with matt damon. They seemed legit and i only had to pay them $1500 a piece, and pay for the breakfast as well. so im waiting for their call about the location of our lunch with brad, totaly top secret location, im waiting.....


well i got charles southerland and he called and got my vm so i called him back and he made sure my parents knew first thing and did not say anything about money or anything and just asked what i would want to be on and i said disney channel and he told me that i would audition in the closest town and to fill out the resume and if i had adny ?'s to call him so yeah..... i think it is lagit


Hollywood Auditions is most definitely a scam!!I got a guy named Shawn King asking me for $389 for a portfolio that they'll have for three years.

Asking for 4 head shots, and 2 body shots. plus random photos of me... weird. no company asks for random shots.

I bet they are perverts. People please don't fall for this.

A real casting company make their money from the industries you work for.They never take anything from you personally.


i have charles southerland and he cool i dont think that its a scam! because i got a part in suit life on deck

to mark #827306

Idk what to think but I can't just give money away I have kids so how did they get in touch with you


I just got a call earlier today from them.The guys name was Sean king.

He told me that i was to pay 389.00 for 3 years and they can get me on nickelodeon and law and order and dreamworks. I knew it was a scam right away when he said that. He thinks i am *** so i acted like i wrote down the email address.

It makes me mad that he called my phone and told me to send pictures of my self to him!!i needed to send FULL BODY SHOTS!


i just singed up is that web real ?


Hollywood Auditions is a scam.. You can do a search of them under the Better Business Bureau and you'll see yourself.

They scam actors and photographers..

If you guys really want to make it in Hollywood, goto acting classes and then talk to your teachers and peers.. That's the best way to get started.. Anyone who posts positive things about this company is getting paid to do so... There are too many bad to offset the good with Hollywood Auditions..

They do NOT get 5 million people on their site a month.. Lie! Their internet ranking would be much higher if thats the case.

Just my FYI.


i signed up for h.a. and i also got charles southerland...i don't know about anyone else but i think that he's the only guy that works there so it may be a scam and it may not be...but if not then tell me why when you call the hollywood audition main line you get his voice mail??


Its not a scam i got a part in the new moon from it

to Josh Hartford, Connecticut, United States #699250

No you didn't. Show proof.


they just called me at like abot 1:20pm and there was a man named charles sutherland and he asked questions about me like what do i do and my weight and height,and he asked for money upfront and said that it would be 389.00 and he said i have to have a c or above average(grades.he said that they put you on auditions for disney and nickelodeon.

but my real concern is, is why did they call me so fast...and then like 15 min later they called for my sister and that was pretty wierd...i just need to know the websites that aren't a scam???


I signed up for hollywood auditions and i kept wondering why they called me so fast.A real talent agency would have so many people calling and sighing up it would take forever to contact you but they called me the same day that i sighned up!

I knew it was a scam and i hope no one else gets affected by them!thanks for reading this!!


if hollywoodaudtions is a scam than what other are not? Please reply back on this page. im scared they would call back and ask more question but so far they said i dont have to pay them.


wow!i'm so happy to learn that hollywood auditions is a scam, although I was kinda hoping it wasn't.

So...wait. Is this your opinion or is this fact?

Is Hollywood auditions really a scam?please contact me at jeanbean_12@ymail.com

Thank you!

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