I signed a contract for Hollywood auditions.They called a few hours later,They said go to our website if you have any questions.So I did it turns out they get your resume and don't do anything.I was so mad.Here's a hint only go to snail mail audition or have an agent or manager to help you.On the cruel

audition world.Like John Casablanca's that the greatest of all.I went there for seven weeks for modeling. Always be c-a-r-e-f-u-l when on websites about auditions.!!!PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PARAGRAPH.

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #783123

It is a total scam!They don't answer the phone and they won't take down pictures of me that are 7 years old.

I can't stand people that do this stuff.Does anyone know how to get my pics off of google that keep coming up from Hollywood auditions??

Please help!

to Dave Boston, Massachusetts, United States #803653

Do you know the definition of the word "scam,?" You gave them your money and they provided you with a legitimate service. I know who you are. Just because you were not successful at acting and a failure does not mean that company is a "scam."


So how do you get to the Agencies that don't charge unless you get paid because I have been trying to get into acting for years :upset


Hollywood Auditions is not a scam.It is lazy people like you who want everything for free and think that someone will discover you in a mall that ruin a reputation of a good company.

You all know nothing about the industry. I have had a huge success rate with the company because I LISTENED to what they had to say and followed direction. The rest of you simply sit on your *** and expect to be famous. That's not how the industry works.

What you put in you get out. Hollywood Auditions is the #1 casting service in North America. How do you think it got that way?

By providing the service it promises.By all of your negative attitudes, nobody would work with you anyway.

to Lucy G #739057

Thats pretty funny.They are a scam.

They never even set up an audition with me. All they did was email me. Then they ask for money before they sign me? Its a scam.

If it was real then they would sign me first then make me pay. So no one should give them money.

Look up ways to tell if the company is fake!It states almost everything that this company has done.

to FAKE360 Boston, Massachusetts, United States #803656

You are dumber than a rock.You receive auditions every week that YOU need to submit for because you are not qualified enough to get an agency.

What is wrong with idiots like you! Just because you pay a measly $300 you expect to be famous?

You have no talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is not their fault.

to Lucy G Los Angeles, California, United States #750373


You're wrong. Agencies DO NOT ask for money upfront, if they do it's a scam. If agencies really needed money to "put" stuff together then they will find you a job and take from that, they WILL NOT take money upfront or even ask for if they are legitimate. Oh and by the way, all of us are not f***ing negative, get it right and go head and waste your money on a casting service that dont guarantee you S***!

You do not know what you're talking about. stop lying to people to get them to waste money.

okay :grin byeee lol i just cant get over how you actually believe your self about that and you believed yourself so much that you criticized people you dont even know!wow, what a great person you are!

Lansing, Illinois, United States #714376

They are a complete scam! Don't give them any money! Please guys don't do it :(

Miami, Florida, United States #677595

Hollywood auditions is a scam and they refuse to remove my pictures from their website! I have asked on multiple occasions. They just keep all of these inactive profiles of people up to try and show that all those people are clients of theirs when in fact we all just got stuck on their website.

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #662876

I was contacted today about having my son sign up and that they only had 1 spot in our area left and i needed to do it today.one yr for $199 or three years for $389.

I told Jason 805-991-6440 that I would have to review the information and get back with him.

After reading all these scam messages, I will not be calling back.Thanks for the web.

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